Size guide for all collections.


Please find below the measurements for this garment:

1. Chest85-90 cm90-95 cm95-100 cm100-105 cm
2. Waist65-70 cm70-75 cm75-80 cm80-85 cm
3. Hips86-91 cm91-96 cm96-101 cm101-106 cm

1. Chest85-90 cm90-95 cm95-100 cm
2. Waist*65-75 cm75-85 cm85-95 cm
3. Hips86-91 cm91-96 cm96-101 cm
The cut of the garments can influence the size and sometimes we advised to select one more size. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email:
  • Size Small (S) corresponds to a size 8
  • Size Medium (M) corresponds to a size 10
  • Size Large (L) corresponds to a size 12
  • Size Extra large (XL) corresponds to a size 14


SIZESIZE ( cm )* Collection 2016 - Size ( cm )
0-3 months56 cm52 cm
3-6 months65 cm 63 cm
6-12 months 72 cm70 cm
12-18 months80 cm78 cm

SIZESIZE ( cm )* Collection 2016 - Size ( cm )
1½-2 years98 cm92 cm
2-4 years104 cm98 cm
3-4 years110 cm104 cm
4-6 years116 cm110 cm
5-6 years120 cm116 cm


*Kids items from the 2016 collection are slightly smaller than the rest.

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