Gift Voucher to use and plant!!

Do you have to make a present and you are hesitating among all the beautiful things we have in our online store? Still do not know what dress, shirt or skirt to choose? Then you will love our GIFT VOUCHER to USE IT and PLANT IT. We have taken care of all the details. It's sustainable, reusable, ecological and original. It's printed on 100% recycled cotton seed paper and the best thing is that after using it you can plant it to become a beautiful plant. We'll send it to you or whoever you want so she can choose what she likes most on our online store.
Tarjeta regalo look 1
Tarjeta regalo look 2

And how does it work?

Is the only GIFT VOUCHER that grows. USE IT following this 4 simple steps and after, PLANT IT... will grow chamomile, petunia and St. John's wort.
  • 1. Enter to our online store.
  • 2. Choose that dress you are INLOVE.
  • 3. Introduce the code you'll find in your voucher.
  • 4. And once you've received your order... PLANT your card!
Tarjeta regalo look 2

I would like to buy a voucher!

Right now we have 3 different vouchers available.

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